Portfolio Projects

This includes a sampling of work from key points in my career. Note that most of these are examples from previous marketing jobs and not freelance projects.


For nearly two decades, I have been leaning into my passion for sharing my knowledge about the musicians, bands, and albums I love. It began in 2005 when I joined the Pullman, Washington-based independent college radio station KZUU while studying for my Master's degree.

Upon graduating in 2006, I founded the FensePost Music Blog to continue my exploration of new artists. These days, the content I create marries my love of music and my passion for the written word with a newfound desire to hone my camera-facing skills. You can find new videos twice a week on the FensePost Vinyl Channel.


Don't take it from Andy himself. See what other people are saying about him on YouTube:

"This dude's a damn nerd."

"This man's a smooth brain."

"I didn't know Jim Carey and Cocan O'Brien had a kid."

"Thumbs up for the Bowie shirt."


Andy joined Keller Williams in 2021 to work with Linda McKissack (#1 Profit Share earner in the company) on a variety of digital products including online courses, training and coaching programs, and eventually a scalable recruiting website platform to help other agents grow their downlines and earn passive income at KW.

Out of his home in Texas, he works closely with her son Pres in Ohio, who is the Regional Director of the Ohio Valley Region, and the region's Tech Trainer, who developed the platform.

The group is currently working on new products to help others in their wealth building journey.


Andy joined the Northwestern most corner Harley-Davidson dealership in the contiguous United States in 2013. As Marketing Manager, he sat on the management team and oversaw all dealership events, the dealership’s digital footprint and in-store POP, and acted as the in-house point person for training and support relating to the company's CRM.

He also was the liaison for the local HOG (Harley Owner's Group) chapter and managed the EagleRider Rentals Department.

Dig deeper into Andy's experience at NCHD inluding a case study of sample work and results below.


Andy joined Lights for All Occasions in 2013 as the Marketing Manager to help build out the Marketing Department, oversee all marketing efforts, and manage the e-commerce website owned by Vaughan Premier, Ltd.

Under his direction, the department grew from 2 to 6 people, including copywriters, designers, and a photographer/stylist.

Learn how Andy honed his analytical skills and mastered the art of lead generation, growing the company's email list from 12,000 to 100,000 while at the company in the case study below.


Below you'll find a comprehensive resume. Note that it's been a while since it's been updated and my KW role is incomplete. Likewise, it excludes a majority of my side projects. Here are the cliff notes:

  • Experienced marketing director and digital strategist spanning industries and agencies.

  • Adept at developing and reporting on KPIs to fuel growth and accountability.

  • Proficient with vendor management including SEO, CPC/SEM, CRM, email marketing, and web design.

  • Juggler of multiple concurrent priorities requiring left and right brain expertise.

  • Marketing generalist proficiencies across all aspects of strategic and creative brand management.

  • Multifaceted manager of skilled creative staff.