A Constant Reminder, A Little “Thank You”

Office Appreciation

As you enter the break room on the ground level of Vaughan Premier, in the inner corner of the warehouse for Lights for All Occasions, Little Bright Lights, Décor for All Occasions and an assortment of other e-commerce sites, you are greeted with a message.

It reads as follows:

“I cannot say it too many times
You are the best”

It is a resonating message, one that provides a constant reminder that it’s not just doing a great job for awesome customers that make a place great, it’s the people: the people that package the items that ship out of here each and every day, the people in customer service who take customer calls, the people who ensure that the products and service we provide is top notch day in and day out.

As I looked at this sign on my first day, it made me smile. I snapped the above photo as a memento; a mantra to remember how Vaughan Premier has some amazing people. On my first day, it made me very excited to get to know them.

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