Who is Andy Fenstermaker?

Andy Fenstermaker, MBA

I am Andy Fenstermaker.

Nickname 1: Fense
Nickname 2: Fireball

Most people just call me Andy, though.

Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFJ. Enneagram 9w1.

I have one of those passionate, obsessive personalities. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I get over-excited about things — music especially, but also cycling, collecting vinyl records, e-commerce, email marketing, data analysis and visualization, social media, graphic design, entrepreneurship, and personal finance.

Thus, I can be a bit intense at times.

There is always an immense passion bustling to get out. But my personality is a friendly one filled with warmth and empathy.

“This dude is a damn nerd.”

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A Penchant for Personal Passion Projects

When I’m not geeking out over good design or marketing analytics or data analysis, you can find me delving into one of my passions.


2020 Specialized Road Bike

I hit paved trails on my 2020 Specialized road bike a few times a week to remain in shape and get some wind therapy in. My favorite local spots include Oak Point Nature Preserve, Chisholm Trail, and White Rock Lake.

With a goal to cross 2,500 miles in 2022, as of July of this year I have logged over 10,700 miles across three different bikes on Strava. I typically pace about 17-18 mph and my average ride is 20-25 miles long.

Also, as a former motorcycle rider, I’m the only cyclist I know who rides with a gremlin bell.

I love finding something interesting to photograph on my rides. This exploration keeps routes I’ve taken hundreds of times interesting as I’m always discovering something I haven’t seen before.

On my rides, I tend to listen to audiobooks and podcasts about personal growth, relationships, communication, and business. I’m always striving to learn something new.


I’ve been on a self-actualization and personal growth journey for the past few years, and as such, have spent a fair share of time and effort reading and listening to audiobooks and podcasts on the topics. Here are some books I’m currently reading or have recently finished:

Disclaimer: I live for my passions. And as such, I strive to monetize them. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified purchases.

Vinyl Records

I have been collecting records since high school during the late 90s.

You’ll often find me crate digging at local record stores for that hidden gem in vinyl section. In my spare time, I have started flipping records on the side, always trying to make room for records I have coming in.

You can find my collection and my available inventory on Discogs.

Let’s Connect!

Profoundly Professional

My professional life originally found me at public relations, lifestyle marketing, and brand enhancement agencies – a sum of which nears eight years. In 2013, I transitioned to the client side, leading all marketing efforts at an e-commerce company and growing my department from a headcount of two to half-a-dozen.

I have worked with small-town local clients, national ones, and even those with a world-wide presence. I am an experienced project and account manager; a copywriter for advertising and press releases, and content creator for blogs and social media; and a brand, campaign, and digital strategist. While Marketing Manager has more often than not been my title, my role in management teams at companies has given me experience leaning more in line with Marketing Directors.

Leading the marketing department at e-commerce company Vaughan Premier, I drove strategy and was responsible for efforts in SEM/CPC (with an annual budget in excess of $1 million), SEO, email marketing, social media, and more. I held the role for nearly 4 years, where I excelled at developing, tracking, analyzing, and reporting on a variety of KPIs.

I sat on the management team at a Harley-Davidson dealership where I oversaw all marketing efforts, managed small and large-scale events, headed up the rentals department, and was the point person for the sales team’s CRM. I even took on oversight of the dealership’s Eagle Rider Rentals program to great success.

These days, I am a Digital Marketing Director for a Keller Williams ROP and Real Estate Investing influencer, managing their digital footprint and launching online Masterclass courses on Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Wealth Building, and more.

Whatever task is at hand, I bring my passions to the table.

Real Estate Careers

Real Estate Careers

In May 2022, I began a journey as a Career Consultant for Keller Williams Realty on the national level.

In addition to providing guidance for newly licensed real estate agents nationally and within their local markets, I help connect those interested in real estate with schools like The CE Shop and Real Estate Express through my affiliate partnerships with both companies.

Already I have helped dozens of newly licensed agents connect with the right people at the local level, several of which have joined Keller Williams.

FensePost Media

In 2022, I stepped up and created a business to encompass a handful of new side projects. The company is called FensePost Media and the primary focus is freelance digital marketing and branding.

However, a few additional items are part of the FensePost circle, including affiliate marketing through content creation, record sales (to make room for new records in my ever growing collection), and the real estate recruiting noted above.

FensePost media includes six general focal points:

  • Digital
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Strategy
  • Content

Currently, the emphasis is on digital and a few new website projects are underway.

FensePost Music Blog

Let’s take a trip back. In 2005 while studying for a Masters in Business Administration at Washington State University, I landed a spot on KZUU’s roster of DJs. I spent a fair amount of time writing two-sentence reviews of incoming albums on small address labels that would be affixed to the CD covers; it was my way of discovering the latest releases by underground and indie artists. This ended in 2006 when I earned my degree, but my passion for discovering new music didn’t.

To fill the void, that summer I started the FensePost indie music blog as a way to continue discovering new music and gain experience writing about it. That blog continues today as one centered around vinyl records with video reviews and affiliate links.

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