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It was just a few months ago that I produced my first podcast episode at my current role. Now I’ve merged the new skill with my love for creating content and created my own! It’s called the You’re A Tool Podcast, and below you can find out more about the idea, the plan, and even watch an episode on YouTube!

Update: April 1, 2020

I jumped the gun.

I underestimated the amount of time it would take for me to comfortably write, film, and produce each episode, and as such the project dropped off after just a few episodes.

I’d like to revisit and breathe new life into the project, but the timeline is on hiatus as I revisit how I’d like to show up in it. Perhaps it’ll include a co-host, or maybe a more loosely cobbled together format. What I have learned is that my highly scripted method of creating the first few episodes does not work.

In the meantime, I’m honing my camera skills by producing regular video reviews of albums in my record collection and publishing them on the relaunched version of FensePost. You can check out that YouTube Channel here.

Podcast Ideation

The idea came late last year when I was thinking about how much I enjoy personal growth and the vast amount of tools that have opened my eyes to various personality traits, motivations, ideals, and more that all work together to make up that which is me. Now pair that with a desire to achieve some ambitious goals in 2022.

Aha! I thought. I could create a podcast about these, communicate my 2022 goals, and use it as an accountability tool to motivate me, encourage me, and lead me toward success!

With that, the You’re A Tool Podcast was born.

While I am still working to get things up and running with a podcast distribution service, I have started publishing content on YouTube. Here’s the third episode (one I thoroughly enjoyed creating, and one I feel helped me move beyond some of my camera shyness):

Putting Together A Plan

I have mapped out the first four or five episodes so far, and the one embedded above is called the 1-3-5 Goal Setting Worksheet. It’s actually the tool I used to bring my idea to fruition!

The basis is to start with your end goal, then write down three priorities to get you there, and five strategies you’ll take on for each priority.

I reworked that idea a bit, which I’ll outline in the corresponding future episode. But my three things were:

1) Develop a Plan and Framework

This was all about the high level strategic stuff like the overall theme, name, and brand. It included the structural framework as well, including the website and business license (which is, essentially, one of the last remaining components to complete).

2) Develop the Episode Structure

Episode structure is all about how the episodes will flow, what the intro and outro will include, and the theme song. I also wanted to get a solid list of topics to cover to ensure I had enough ideas to carry the overall plan long beyond launch, which is the next bucket.

3) Launch the podcast

The launch is all about getting it off the ground: building an email list, publishing to social media (which has and will be relatively silent as I build up a little episode backlog first), and ultimately securing a podcast distribution service, which I plan to do the day I submit the business license.

Organizing the Content

As I designed out a logo, I incorporated a tagline: “A Podcast About Growth.”

That led me to write a mission statement: “To share tools, exercises, resources, and strategies that help listeners understand themselves and improve their lives, relationships, and businesses.”

Realizing the broad nature of the mission, I concocted the idea of separating episodes into buckets that would be visual in nature via the episode graphic. They would be organized on the website using WordPress Categories. I came up with twelve (there were 11 when I started, and I still need to make the adjustment on the site):

  1. Books
  2. Communication
  3. Education
  4. Goals
  5. Growth
  6. Habits
  7. Leadership
  8. Personality
  9. Problem Solving
  10. Productivity
  11. Relationships
  12. Teamwork

Over time, these categories may grow, but this is what I’m starting with.

I also put together a brief video teaser of what’s to come, which you can see below:

The song featured is “Gone Surfing” by The Sixteen Wheelers. While I’m using this as the initial theme song thanks to clearance through my Canva Pro account, it may change due to having to dispute copyright claims on a recurring basis through YouTube. To de determined.

Building the Brand

You're A Tool Podcast Logo
You’re A Tool Logo

In the first episode, I talk a bit about building the You’re A Tool brand:

In the process of piecing things together, I had an expanded idea of creating the categories mentioned above, and giving each their own look that tied directly to the detailed illustration of the logo I ultimately went with. Each category, then, has a graphic that calls to the overarching topic and will provide recognizable cohesiveness within that category. 

Episode 1 of the You’re A Tool Podcast

This all came together in a matter of two weeks around the holidays and time off: constructing the theme and framework, creating the logo and category graphics, and building the website.

I kind of went into hyper-achievement mode.

Or, you could say that my Enneagram Type 9 was in a good place, traveled securely to Type 3 and SWAM with the best of them!

The difference between this project and others is that I was my own client, so the only chain of approval was shuffling through the thought processes taking place in my own head.

What Remains & What’s Next

As I noted, I’m not quite done rolling out my full plan.

I still need to put the final touches on the business license application and submit it; secure a syndication service which will allow me to push it to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Audible, and other services; and truly start “broadcasting” that it exists so I can build a fanbase, grow its social presence, and start dripping in ways to monetize it.

Right now, episodes are only being published to the new YouTube Channel, which hasn’t really been “publicized” at all. My first Accountability video was shared to Instagram and YouTube, but once again, I’m not pushing it too much until I have a little more content there. Same with the Facebook Page. These things will come in time.

Finally, I plan to record my next episode or two here shortly. Episode 2 will cover my 2022 goals, which I wrote about in my last post. Episode 3 will outline what I talked about earlier re: the 1-3-5 Goal Setting Worksheet, unless I drop an episode in about Accountability.

I hope you check out the episode, follow the podcast on social media via the links above, and subscribe to the email list. I’m excited to start generating content for the postcast and the YouTube channel–It’s a step into vulnerability that I’m not entirely used to, but that I’m also kind of excited about!

What tools or resources would you like to hear about?

One last thing: another ask!

What tools or resources you think would be good for me to cover? What tools and resources have you found invaluable in your life journey?

I’d love for you to chime in and let me know if the comments!

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