There’s a Lead Generating Opportunity in Every Conversation

I was chatting with a fellow KW Career Consultant this morning, and he told me about a great conversation he had with someone who was considering a career in Real Estate about developing your territory. It got me thinking about how to turn every conversation you have during the day into a potential lead generation opportunity.

Here’s what he said:

I was talking to someone yesterday and the nearest Keller Williams Market Center was an hour away. She was not thrilled about the commute. I explained how the schedule can be coordinated to make the most out of time in the office. And then I said there are 7 towns between your home and the Market Center. Think of your car as your mobile office and that each town is your neighborhood. Get to know each of them. Every diner, florist, hairdresser, small business etc. and now your commute is your territory. She started to cry. Said she was waiting to hear something like that which made sense and gave her the confidence that she was making the right decision in her life. 

It’s all about thinking differently about your physical space. A commute becomes an opportunity to network and connect with people between point A and point B.

And that gave me more ideas. What if points A and B aren’t an hour away from each other? What opportunities exist within our everyday conversations that we can leverage for business purposes?

When we think of prospecting for potential clients, we often think of two things: cold calling, or getting leads from online sources (for realtors, it’s often sites like Zillow or Redfin).

We often forget that networking opportunities are literally everywhere during every moment of the day. 

Whether you are just selling your first house or your 100th, think of it like this: when you’re at the grocery store or getting a haircut or out to dinner with friends or family, and you’re asked how your day is going, say something like “It’s great! I just sold my first house as a Realtor!”

The same holds true regardless of what industry you are in. I know I could do a better job with my marketing side hustle using responses like “It’s been great! I’ve been building a website for new client!” or “I’ve had a great month! I recruited 4 new real estate agents into my company!”

The response will typically be “That’s awesome!” and the conversation will end there.

But maybe one out of twenty times someone will say “Oh, that’s great — my _____ is looking for a realtor!” or even “Oh, I’ve always wanted to get my real estate license.” or even “I need a website!”

Without even thinking about it, we’ve turned the answer to a question we hear multiple times a day into a lead generating opportunity! And that’s where things get fun…

Above photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash.

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