Outlining My 2022 Goals

2022 Goals

I’m not really one for resolutions, as the tendency is to drop them after a short period of time. Rather, I prefer to set goals based on actionable things I’d like to accomplish and habits I’d like to create. My 2022 goals, then, are items I want to strive for regardless of the timeframe of one calendar year.

They are goals I want to build systems around that will live well beyond December 31.

Below is the list of 10 goals I set for myself as we transitioned from 2021 to 2022.

Goal 1: Purchase an Investment Property

As I work for someone who has built their career (and substantial passive income) around real estate investing, I’m learning quite a bit about it. Currently, I’m reading her book, Hold: How to Find, Buy, and Rent Houses for Wealth.

This year, I’d like to get some property.

Currently, my wife Andi and I are looking at some vacant land, so it may not be something we turn around and rent immediately, but something we hold onto and build our next house on when the time comes.

Goal 2: Grow Net Worth by 12%

A 12% return on net worth seems reasonable, given that I’ll probably tuck away 4% of the total just by saving and investing money I earn. Add an additional 2-3% earned passively through dividends. That means my investments (stocks, mutual funds, real estate) only needs to increase about 6% for me to achieve my goal.

I’m not sure we’ll see the returns we’ve witnessed in the past several year as the Fed begins to taper and other disruptions happen in the economy, though I could be wrong.

I’m comfortable looking for a 12% return, and will be pleased if it exceeds that.

Goal 3: Create a Business

This has been on my mind for a few years, and I finally want to pull the trigger.

Goal 4: Ride My Bike 2,500 Miles

Last year, I set my sights on 2,000 miles (well, my true goal was to ride 2,021 miles in 2021), and despite a heavy snow in February that kept me off my road bike for three weeks, and a bike crash in September that kept me off for another 4, I blew past my goal and ended the year just shy of 2,250 miles.

In the first 7 days, I’ve logged just under 9 miles, so I’m not off to a hot start. But it hasn’t been too hot here, and my warm weather gear is a bit tattered.

I set a goal in my 4-1-1 at work (a goal and management tool I’ll eventually cover here and elsewhere) to hit 40 miles by the end of the first week, and I’m doubtful I’ll make it. Tomorrow the forecast calls for a chilly, dreary rain.

Goal 5: Get to 140 Pounds

I’ve slipped since my bike crash, developing some eating habits that aren’t the greatest.

Back in 2018, Andi and I began a health journey that included a healthier diet and regular exercise. The pandemic threw exercise out the window at first with gyms closing down, but I quickly realized how plentiful the paved trail systems are here in Dallas-Fort Worth, and that became my new norm.

But the bike crash eliminated riding for me, and I’ve struggled with my healthy eating as we entered fall.

For the first time since 2018, I topped 150, and it’s been agonizing to try to get that into a downward trajectory. Thankfully, it plateaued at that level!

Goal 6: Plan & Complete 4 Trips

As I’m now working remotely, I’d love to travel more. This is kind of a surprise to me, given I haven’t been much of a traveler in the past.

First, I want to go visit family in Washington (state). I haven’t seen my parents in person since January 2020, and I’m aching to get back to the PNW, if for just a week or two.

Next, for many people, the pandemic created a network of close friends they have never met in person. I’m not sure if you’ve experienced that, but I sure have! I’d love to meet some of these people and explore where they live.

Finally, I’d like to take an actual vacation or two with Andi. This isn’t something we’ve really done much of, especially in the past 5 years (outside of simple day trips). She mentioned wanting to go to Shreveport, and I’d like to book a weekend at a little Tiny House Resort that I stumbled on about an hour north of Plano.

Goal 7: Finish 12 Books

I don’t think I’ll have any problem with this, despite starting many but sometimes struggling with finishing books. I’m including audiobooks in this goal, and my stretch goal is 24.

Currently there are 3 on my nightstand.

I also created a Currently Reading Page to track some of the books I’ve read this year and over the past few.

Goal 8: Create A Podcast

So I’ve been thinking about this for a few months, and I’ve been struggling with a theme, name, and niche. But I figured it out, made the decision, and secured the URL last week.

Stay tuned for more on my upcoming podcast!

Goal 9: Write 2 Blog Posts Per Month

This is actually a goal I set during the 4th Quarter last year. I wanted to get back into writing consistently and creating content that I enjoy.

The problem I encountered with FensePost way back in the day, was that I was too rigid on producing a post per weekday that it just became a hindrance. I stopped enjoying it. Having a looser process where I’m not quite as hard on myself if I don’t live up to my own expectations should help.

Goal 10: Double the Revenue of My Business Segment at Work

This is the lone work goal I’ll relay here, and it’s based on revenue pulled in from the online course the company launched back at the beginning of 2021. Now, with me on board, I’m thinking this goal shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. In fact, my stretch is to take this goal and double it!

What’s Next?

Now that I have my goals, I need to put systems in place that will help me accomplish them! As author James Clear states, “we don’t rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the levels of our systems.”

Stay tuned, as I’ll probably do some updates as we continue through the year. Ultimately, I’d love to do quarterly updates.

What are your goals for 2022? Feel free to share in the comments!

Top photo by Markus Winkler.

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