Looking to Launch a Career in Real Estate?

Real Estate Careers

I just rolled out a new recruiting website to help those interested in real estate get licensed, provide relevant information about the industry, and ultimately connect with me as a Career Consultant. This is me becoming more vested in the world of real estate and in the Keller Williams sphere, all while doubling down on the products and services I work on with the McKissacks.

What does this mean?

If you or someone you know is looking to get into the real estate industry, they can sign up via my Real Estate subdomain.

Why Real Estate?

I’m relatively new to the industry, but I’ve been interested for well over a decade. My current role as a Digital Marketing Director for Linda McKissack sees me working with Keller Williams agents nationwide, managing some of her online coaching and training courses, and soaking up anything and everything related to Real Estate Investing and Recruiting.

Time to put my money where my mouth is, right?

While I am not licensed, I have a keen understanding of what it takes, the ins and outs of the real estate industry, and the advantages Keller Williams provides as a company geared toward helping agents Think Like A CEO.

Building Relationships

I’m an advocate for building and cultivating relationships, for industry-based networking, and for championing everyone in my sphere. Building a new path as a Career Consultant is just one of a handful of passion projects and so-called side hustles I’m creating this year, and I’m super excited to take more steps in building a life that I have designed myself.

A big part of that is building relationships. Relationships, a positive mindset, and an eye for growth are what I feel are fundamental building blocks to success. I love sharing my experience, hearing the experiences of others, and providing support and advice when desired.

Future Projects

I’m absolutely in love with what I do, and I plan to continue serving as a Digital Marketing Director. The experience and value I am getting from it is truly astonishing!

Additionally, I have also taken on one or two clients on the side for freelance design and web development. You’ll likely hear more about this in the coming months as I help a few new companies build a brand, create marketing collateral, and roll out new websites!

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