Digging Deeper into Content Strategy

Andy Strategizing Content

I am back. As promised, I’m doing my best to do one new post a week.

This last week I pivoted away from troubleshooting and digging into SEO and all of that. With SEO and the like, you want to give it time to produce results, and before I spend a bit more time there, I need to give the prior changes a moment to sink in.

Instead, I tried to focus a bit more on content strategy.

I published a few key posts that covered my top 20 albums turning 20 in 2023. I noticed that the first one spiked a bit on YouTube (in comparison to other videos I’ve published lately) and had some good traction, whereas the second seem to fall flat.

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Case Study: Using Google Analytics to Combat Fraud

Nasa Globe

Data is everywhere. When you step back and look at it from a holistic view, it can be quite overwhelming. Take a step closer, and you can begin to connect the dots.

As an E-Commerce Marketing Manager at Vaughan Premier, Ltd, my team leaned heavy on the creative side. I had two to three copywriters who built product pages and created content. I had a photographer and stylist who also acted as my creative lead. I had a graphic designer who also filmed and edited video and managed social media.

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Analyzing Covid Data in Texas using Tableau

2020 has been rough, there’s no denying that. With COVID and the election, there has never been a better time to really dig into data and see what trends may exist.

Earlier this year, I got quite dismayed with data reporting by many news sources. One particular article on CNN noted that (and I paraphrase) “five states now make up a third of all Covid-19 cases.”

The problem with this statement is that it was blatant click bait, as the five states listed made up a third of the US population.

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