5 Essential Email List Building Tips

I have had many big failings during the initial decade plus of having a music blog.

Prominent among them is that I relied exclusively on earned traffic — I leaned too much on organic traffic and was entirely at the whim of search engines like Google and their ever-changing algorithms.

I focused too much on churning out such a high pace of fresh, original content that burnout was inevitable.

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Digging Deeper into Content Strategy

Andy Strategizing Content

I am back. As promised, I’m doing my best to do one new post a week.

This last week I pivoted away from troubleshooting and digging into SEO and all of that. With SEO and the like, you want to give it time to produce results, and before I spend a bit more time there, I need to give the prior changes a moment to sink in.

Instead, I tried to focus a bit more on content strategy.

I published a few key posts that covered my top 20 albums turning 20 in 2023. I noticed that the first one spiked a bit on YouTube (in comparison to other videos I’ve published lately) and had some good traction, whereas the second seem to fall flat.

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Revamping an Outdated WordPress Blog

FensePost Logo

I’ve been moving full-steam ahead on FensePost, the old music blog I started back in 2006.

After seemingly countless attempts to give it a reboot, including an attempt at the end of 2021 in which I put together a few video reviews and posted them to YouTube, it finally happened.

The pivot was simple, really. My obsession with vinyl records continues, and it seemed natural to merge a handful of passions and channel them into a single, multifaceted outlet.

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