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3 Must-Follow Digital Marketing Podcasts

Podcasts are great! You can find regular new podcast content from creators across all industries featuring literally any topic at all.

While I came late to the podcast craze, only having hopped on the bandwagon a few years ago, that hasn’t stopped me from scooping up new shows to follow.

And that includes industry-specific ones for my specialty: Digital Marketing.

If you have any sort of commute, digging into your favorite podcast is a great way to get to where you’re going. What better way than to catch up on the latest industry news while you drive (or bus or train) to the office?

Here are three marketing podcasts I’ve been following for a while now. I think you should check them out. Do note: they center around digital marketing, eCommerce, and B2C retail marketing.

Behind the Numbers: eMarketer Podcast

What I love about Behind the Numbers is that it’s timely. With new typically 30-minute-long episodes each morning, there’s always content to digest, and it’s always very relevant to what’s going on in the world and in marketing today.

Behind the Numbers is full-on digital, given it’s from the folks at eMarketer, a great source of content for all things digital. Plus, a few of the folks at the helm have British accents.

FutureCommerce Podcast

Future Commerce, also timely, is a weekly podcast tailored a bit more toward eCommerce as opposed to strictly digital marketing.

The Modern Retail Podcast

Modern Retail is my third recommendation choice for marketing podcasts to check out. About the cast, they state “The Modern Retail Podcast hears from entrepreneurs in the retail space, including the buzzy world of DTC.” DTC is Direct to Consumer for those not in the know.

What Are Your Go-To Podcasts?

So, those are my three choices. Would any of those be in your top three? What other marketing podcasts would you recommend? I’m always up for discovering new podcasts and content to check out. Let me know in the comments below!