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Cycling Skagit: Worthy of its Own Domain

A little under a week ago, my personal domain name, which matches the name my parents gave me, started to get overridden (lol) with lots of posts about cycling in and around Skagit county.

Then I thought, “This is ridiculous. It should have its own domain.”

True, I have a portal for FensePost, my original music blog which recently received a fresh breath of life and is going through somewhat of a resurgence. Why should my love and passion for bicycling be any different?

And so Skagit Bike Blog was born.

At its onset, it’ll be documentation in some form or another of my efforts toward achieving my goal to ride an average of 10 miles a day in 2017.

Feel free to head over to Skagit Bike Blog and check it out for yourself. Especially if you’re a cyclist and love riding in the beautiful countryside!

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