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Snow Day: Failed Attempts at Leaving Home Caught on Camera

It snowed a few inches last night, so it’s somewhat of a Snow Day. They say that people west of the Rocky Mountains cannot drive in the snow. I admit. We suck at it.

Skagit in the Snow

Skagit County Snow Driving Fail

After waking at my normal 5:30am time, the decision to stay home was quickly made as I watched the neighbor attempt to head to work. After a few tries, I grabbed my camera, and here’s the result:

Mind you that he had already made several attempts before I started filming.

4 inches (or thereabouts) of snow doesn’t sound like much, but we live at the bottom of a 7% grade hill with an elevation gain of about 80 feet over 0.2 miles. Water frequently cascades down the road making it especially tricky if it freezes over.

He finally made it out, while I decided to play it safe and not attempt the 30 mile, one way trek to work. No need to risk it in my little 2 wheel drive Fiat 500.

Video Background

The song is a royalty free Yakety Sax sound-alike from Orion Williams so I can monetize the video once that’s set up in my YouTube account.

This was my first attempt at adding visual commentary to a video, and in iMovie it’s quite easy. The program uses drag-and-drop so it’s fairly simple to embellish videos with text and music alike.

Adding audio commentary is something I plan to try out in future biking & cycling videos.